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Going Green |

Going Green

Posted by RADIAH on Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Don’t be afraid to turn off your PC.  It may seem obvious but most of us leave our computers powered on for long periods of time when not in use.  Contrary to popular belief turning your computer off on a daily basis is a good habit which can result in a more reliable computing experience.  Of course it is not always convenient to turn our machines off every time we walk away from them so utilize the standby or sleep mode which will save energy and restore the system to its current state when you need it again.  Just remember that a sleeping computer still draws power so make it a habit to shut down your computer at the end of the day.

Activate power saving options.    These options will guide your machine to perform energy saving tasks automatically such as turning off your monitor and your hard drive after a set amount of inactive time.  Look for the “Power Options” icon located in your Windows control panel.

Mind your monitor.  If you are using an older CRT (Cathode Ray Tubes) monitor consider upgrading to an LCD flat panel.  Not only will they offer a better screen time experience but they also use approximately one third to one half of the energy as the CRT monitors do.  In addition you can set your monitor to turn off or enter a power saving mode when not being used and adjust the brightness on your monitor.  The brighter it is the more energy it is using.  Don’t associate a screen save with power saver.  Screen savers consume energy and actually are power wasters.

Use your laptop.  Laptops are designed to be energy efficient simply by the fact that they are meant to be used without being plugged directly into a power source.  They are manufactured with components that require less power and are much more efficient users of electricity.  So if you have a desktop and a laptop utilize that laptop as often as you can.

Optimize your computers performance.  Just like your car, maintaining your PC will make sure that it runs as efficiently as possible, not to mention that proper maintenance can prolong the life of your machine.  If your computer is running slow and is taking forever to turn on or load programs then not only is it irritating to you but you are also wasting energy.  Having your machine cleaned every 6 months will reduce the use of power and possibly even lower your blood pressure.

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