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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions (these “Terms and Conditions”) contain important information regarding PC Discount Maintenance Membership Club Program (the “Program”). Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. These Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between you and RADIAH and will govern your participation in any and all Program offers. Being eligible for the Program entitles you, the Discount Club Program Member (as identified on Page 1), to take advantage of certain in store discounts. As part of the Program, Discount Program Member will receive a Rewards Card or other means of identification as a Program member. Discount Program Member may need to show this identification and a valid photo ID in order to receive Program discounts. Program discounts that are merchandise are available on in store purchases only, while supplies last or as space permits. RADIAH may, in its sole and absolute discretion, cancel, change, suspend or modify any aspect of the Program and/or any Program discount at any time, without notice. Program discounts are not valid on special hardware or software orders. Pickup and delivery of PC/Laptop is $35.00. Onsite Travel Fee within 20 miles of RADIAH office is $35.00. Additional mileage over 20 miles will be billed at the current IRS standard mileage rate.

Eligibility. To be eligible for Program discount, you must be a Discount Club Program Member in good standing. Good standing shall mean Program payment is current or Advance Payment was remitted and other criteria as determined by RADIAH. Certain Program discounts may not be combined with certain other offers, including but not limited to in store sale items.

Termination. RADIAH may, in its sole and absolute discretion, cancel, change, suspend or modify any aspect of the Program and/or any Program discount or Club Plan at any time, including the availability of any Program discount, or Club Plan without notice. RADIAH may, in its sole and absolute discretion, terminate or suspend any Discount Program Member’s participation in the Program for breach of these Terms and Conditions, or for taking any actions that are inconsistent with the intent of these Terms and Conditions. RADIAH shall be the sole determiner in cases of suspected abuse, fraud, or breach of these Terms and Conditions or intent of these Terms and Conditions. Any decision RADIAH makes relating to termination or suspension of any Discount Club Program Member’s participation in the Program shall be final and binding in all respects.

General. The Program and/or the Program discounts are void where prohibited by law. RADIAH is not responsible for any failures or circumstances affecting, or disrupting Discount Club Program Member’s ability to participate in the Program or any Program discount. By participating in the Program, Discount Program Member releases RADIAH, its members, employees, parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, and agents from any and all liability for any loss, harm, damages, cost or expense, including without limitation property damages, personal injury and/or death, arising out of participation in the Program and the use of or participation in any Program discounts. RADIAH makes NO WARRANTIES in any respect as to any merchandise or service available within the Program. Under no circumstance will merchandise or any service be refunded or exchanged for other Program discounts or cash. Program discounts may be taxable, depending on the value of the item and the federal, state, and local tax laws applicable to Discount Program Member. Discount Club Program Member is solely responsible for reporting such items on tax returns and paying any associated tax liability. Discount Club Program Member may not assign or transfer any Program discount to another individual or entity and may not transfer any Machine I.D. No. associated with Discount Club Program Member’s Club Plan without the express written authorization of RADIAH. RADIAH is not responsible for data lost as result of service, software installation, or resulting from any act taken or not taken by RADIAH. “Per month” shall mean a calendar month. A “year” shall mean twelve (12) consecutive calendar months or 365 days, which ever period is longer and as calculated by RADIAH. A Program month shall commence on the first day of the month and continue until the last day. Discount Program Member will be provided with one year of Program discounts beginning the first date of enrollment in Program as determined from the date first written above and identified on page 1. Discount Program Member is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their Rewards Card or other means of identification. “Required in connection” shall mean hardware or components selected by RADIAH to facilitate repair.

Payment. Discount Program Member shall pay to RADIAH the enrollment fee at time of initial enrollment. Unless otherwise stated herein, enrollment payments are non-refundable.

Entire Agreement. These Terms and Conditions contain the entire agreement and understanding between RADIAH and Discount Club Program Member with respect to the Program, Program discounts and Club Plan(s) and supersedes all prior negotiations, discussions, agreements, or understandings, whether oral or written.

I Accept these Terms and Conditions